App-based Ethereum Casinos

It is imperative to understand what an Ethereum Casino is before looking for the app to download this casino. Ethereum is a virtual currency system similar to Bitcoin but with more options available. The Ether is the coin of Ethereum and it is mined on a regular basis through creation of smart codes that are decentralized and secure. Players who hold an Ethereum wallet may mine their coins, hold them in a wallet or use them to spend money at different casinos and other establishments.

How it Works

There are a number of casinos and games that have been developed that allow the player to enjoy the casino games directly and feed the games from instantly mined coins. Winnings are also returned directly to the players Ethereum wallet and this allows him more flexibility for placing bets. The players who choose this app-based casino will be able to see the mining of the coins running alongside the playing of the casino game. The casino game is played in the regular way but the bets are fed directly from the wallet where newly mined coins appear the whole time. Any winnings earned are fed back directly to the players wallet that holds the Ether coins. In other words the app-based Ethereum Casinos are linked to a players personal wallet allowing for easier transfers and of course total security. It is an easy way to play games and more and more games are being added to these types of casinos giving the player more variety and convenience.