The Mobile Casino Ethereum FAQ

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a virtual currency that has a real value. It is created through a number of smart contracts on an open software platform. This means that there are multiple people developing this currency and also checking it, this ensures it is secure and correct.

How Can I Get Some Ethereum?

Ethereum is made up of Ethers. These are mined on a regular basis and this mining is like the creation of the Ether. In order to get Ether the player first needs to sign up to a wallet that will hold these Ethers. Once the player has signed up for a wallet that holds his Ethers securely he can purchase his Ethers that are mined specifically for him.

How Long Can I Hold Ethers?

Ethers are like any currency, just virtual. They can be held forever or they can be traded. Tthe value is constantly changing and for some players it is a smart economic move to buy Ethers and hold them.

How Do I Move My Ethers to the Mobile Casino?

In the banking section of the mobile casino, the player will need to choose Ethereum as his preferred deposit method. Once chosen the player can link the casino to his wallet through secure pass worded channels and by doing this he is in fact opening the channel for the Ethers to move to the casino, obviously with the instruction of the player. The direct link is totally secure and also ensures immediate transfer of funds.

How do I Withdraw My Winnings Back to My Ether Wallet?

In the same way that Ethers are transferred to play casino games they can be transferred back to the Ethereum wallet for holding and using at another time. The transfer of Ethers from the mobile casino is smooth and instant, once the casino has approved the withdrawal.