Getting Started with Ethereum on Your Mobile Device

In order to start using Ethereum as a deposit option for the mobile casino, it is important to have a basic understanding of this new crypto-currency. Ethereum is very similar to Bitcoin yet it is also very different. Ethereum is also mined but the mining is quick and the player is able to take the Ether directly to his mobile casino account. Before starting with Ether it is important to open a wallet. The wallet holds the Ether currency and this is what is transferred to the mobile casino.

How to Get Ether

A player who wants to use Ethereum as his deposit and withdrawal option needs to check that it is offered as one of the payment options in the casino banking section. It will appear as either Ether or Ethereum usually with the letters ETH to show that it is offered. The player touches on this option and is then invited to choose the amount that he wants to send to the casino. The Ether is then mined instantly and at the same time transferred to the casino account. This form of transfer is through smart contracts, sort of like a code that is created. The player by choosing Ethereum triggers the code that is then created in real time and used to transfer the money. The digital triggers that create the code are what is important here and they are created by multiple software producers. Using Ethereum as a transfer method is 100% secure and it is also instant. Ethereum is not offered at that many casinos yet, but it is becoming increasingly popular and will be one of the main currencies of the future especially for mobile casino players who don't need to carry anything with them and can instantly transfer this virtual money to their mobile casino account.