Top Mobile Gambling Sites for Ethereum Users

More and more online casinos are introducing Ethereum as one of their deposit options. Using Ethereum is taking precedence over Bitcoin that has more limitations despite it being the first virtual currency that is decentralizes. Players at the mobile casino can check online or at the mobile casino itself to see what deposit methods are offered. Ethereum is shown either as Ether, Ethereum or using the shortened version ETH.

The Advantages of Ethereum

The top US and international mobile casinos are offering Ethereum as a deposit option because of the many advantages it offers. Ethereum allows the player to transfer money to the casino in real time and it can even be transferred directly from the mining stage which in the case of Ether is more like a smart contract creation, directly to the mobile casino. With the creation of the smart contract, the Ether value is brought to existence and it must be stored in an online wallet or the player can transfer it directly to the mobile casino. These mobile gambling sites that are offering Ethereum has a deposit option are instantly accessible and provide full customer service and support around the clock for the player in case there is a question with the transfer or something to do with the Ether. Using Ethereum also means that there is someone to turn to from Ethereum who can explain the process, help with the process and even guide the player to which casinos to use. The advantages of Ethereum for the mobile casino are growing daily with all the complications of other deposit options, Ethereum is quick and easy to use and totally secure.