Video Poker Mobile Ethereum

Video Poker is considered to be a mixture of slots and the poker card games. There are numerous different types of video pokers available online and at the mobile casinos. In fact it is one of the favored games at mobile casinos because it allows the player to enjoy a bit of slots and a bit of a card game at the same time. The basics of video poker are the same for each game. The player is dealt a hand of five cards and then he has to decide which cards he wants to hold and which cards he wants to discard in order to try and land the best poker hand. In different variations of the game the player can take advantage of jokers, aces with different values and more. There are also games with single hands and up to 50 hands per game.

Instant Video Poker with Instant Transfers from Ethereum

All of the video poker games are instantly accessible at the mobile casino and therefore it is very important for the player to have a secure and reliable way to send money to the casino that is also instant. Ethereum is the answer to this. Ethereum is a virtual monetary system, similar to Bitcoin but much broader. The Ethereum is made up of different smart contracts that are created by numerous configurations of software. The system is impenetrable and totally secure. Players buy Ethereum at the going rate that it is traded and then they must be stored in a wallet until ready for use. Once the player is ready to place bets all that he has to do is click on the ETH logo that appears as one of the deposit options in the casino banking section. The transfer of his virtual money is not only secure it is also instantaneous allowing for the player to immediately start playing his favorite video poker games at the mobile casino. Often playing games at the mobile casino is an impulsive decision that does not give the player much time to plan and as a result a reliable and secure instant deposit option like Ethereum is the most desirable way to place bets.

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