Ethereum Mobile Gambling

Mobile gaming is efficient and it is easy, it means that a player can enjoy casino games from anywhere while on the move, while at home, while on vacation and more. The choice of games is fantastic and the player can also try out many of the games before committing to the casino and games. There are many different styles of games that include three reel and five reel slots, table games, video pokers, card games and even instant win casino games. Players can enjoy these games in comfort on tablets and smartphones with no need to sit at a computer screen. In addition each new player is welcomed to the mobile casino with an fabulous sign up bonus offer that matches the first deposits made by the player and there are further bonuses and promotions that players can enjoy at the casino.

Placing Bets with Ethereum

In addition to all of these excellent qualities that the casino offers the player is also able to link his casino membership to Ethereum and place bets using his Ethereum wallet. Ethereum is the new improved crypto-currency that is decentralized and created by mining the amounts. It is created through a complex string of software algorithms and each amount is known as an ether. Players can buy this amount with real money and must keep it in a wallet. The casino links to the players wallet and with this he is able to place real money bets. Ethereum is a virtual currency that is totally secure and transfers are instant meaning that the player can immediately place bets at the mobile casino with no need to wait around for any approvals. In the same way the player can withdraw his winnings from the casino back to his Ethereum wallet by converting and purchasing more Ethers. The convenience of the mobile casino is matched with the convenience of using Ethereum.

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