The Leading Live Dealer Mobile Ethereum Casinos

Live dealer casinos may be hard for some players to grasp but once they understand the concept of it, they will be hooked. The live dealer casino is the closest that an online or mobile casino player will get to the original land based casinos. The way that the live dealer casino works is that the player is fed a video feed right to his computer or mobile device of a live casino game. The game takes place in a room with a camera and a live feed and a real live dealer who stands in front of a table, whether it is roulette, blackjack or baccarat. The dealer starts the game with a number of players linking in to the feed and she or he can even chat with the different players who are also able to communicate with each other through a chat room. The games take place in real time and the betting is carried out in the same way as the online casino, with instant transfers.

The Importance of Ethereum for Live Dealer Casino Games

And this is where Ethereum becomes important. Ethereum is a decentralized application that creates real virtual currency through a complex number of smart contracts. Players who are interested in using Ethereum for instant and secure betting first need to to establish a wallet for their Ethereum money. Once the wallet has been established, details of different wallets are offered on the Ethereum website, the player can purchase his Ethereum virtual money. Since this virtual money is dynamic, the value is constantly changing and it is a good idea to buy more than is needed if possible and hold them in a wallet. The Ethereum are instantly transferred to the online casino through the web via the wallet, all that the player needs to do is choose Ethereum as his chosen method of deposit and then the process is very simple and quick. By using Ethereum the player is able to enjoy the live dealer casino games in real time and with no worries about his money and the ability to instantly join the games.